I Can’t Forget

Words and Music by Steven Andrew Kacsmar (c) 2003

I can’t forget the day that I first saw you
Like a cloudy day when the sun broke through
Like the first day of spring when I saw you smile
And with you at the end of my road I could walk for miles

I was kinda hoping you and me could get together
‘Cause you’re the kind of girl I think I could love forever
And a day

I can’t forget the day you and said to me, I do
And I vowed there and then I would spend my life with you
But you had your plan I can’t understand how I was so blind
You tore us apart, it broke my heart, I lost my mind

Days turn into weeks
Turn into months, into years
I think about you now and then and then
I find I can’t hold back the tears
‘Cause life
No life just hasn’t been the same
Since you said