San Francisco-based Phantom City plays acoustic rock with contagious passion. These 5 versatile musicians blend together to create a classic sound that transcends genres. The band's melodic originals feature lyrics that are both honest and relevant. Whether delivering an acoustic ballad a la CSNY or getting folks up out of their chairs, Phantom City grabs your ear and won't let go.



Poetic Musing about The Road to Phantom City

Life is abstraction in construction, never to be perfect, always just beyond our grasps, brief glimpses of enlightenment through a glass elevator, a short stay inPhantom City, a mirage of light to quench your thirst for clarity, a still pool rippling through time, and a mirror to the eternal soul, the magic and mystery of life-unanswered, and left in the desert to search for the self in the rhythm of life. It is the pains in our lives that teach us, it is our pleasures that give us respite to recover long enough to endure life's troubles. That is the road to Phantom City, not so abstract; for when you live, you seek....

Michael Gilmore

Phantom City is:

A) An ephemeral rest stop on the road to enlightenment

B) A city populated by deceased people

C) The name of a very cool band

D) Good Clean Rock!

E) Most of the above


Steven Andrew Kacsmar is the primary songwriter and front man for Phantom City. His music is a tasty mix of rock, folk, and the blues. South of Mainstream describes Steven's voice as "a mixture of James Taylor and Willie Nelson... It carries a twang as well as a soulful sound. He brings an intense honesty to all the songs." Steven's music reflects the influence of a wide range of genres. His lyrics are both brutally honest and socially conscious. Steven's debut solo CD, "Dreams and Destiny" was released by SunLotus Music in 2003. His journey with Phantom City is giving him the chance to get back to his Rock 'n Roll roots.

Al Bedrosian plays soaring and soulful lead guitar for Phantom City. He is also a gifted songwriter. Music has always been a major force in Al's life, as his father played violin in various jazz bands. Al attended Blue Bear School of Music and has studied rock, jazz, and the blues. Al played in the band Mistaken for Hipsters and produced his first CD with Bill Spooner (singer/guitarist, formerly of The Tubes). In 2000, he co-founded and was lead guitarist for SF-based Acoustic Son. Al has been with Phantom City since 2003.


Peter Vasilev tickles the ivory with creative abandon. His expressive solos and inspired stylings add a unique texture to the band's music. He has been playing the piano for most of his life. His playing experience includes rock bands, jazz bands, folk/rock trios, and solo piano. He has studied with some great players over the years: R & B piano with Oakland player Hurricane Sam, blues piano with noted author/teacher Aaron Blumenfeld, and jazz piano with the renowned Larry Vuckovich (protege and sole student of Vince Guaraldi).



Trevor Hughes is Phantom City's animated bass player. Trevor has been writing songs, singing, and playing since the tender age of 13. A mutli-instrumentalist, he has performed on guitar, bass, keyboards and drums at various times in his musical career. He has also recorded and/or produced over 100 songs with various bands, both in the U.S. and in his native land, England. Trevor has lived in California since 1991, but still retains his distinctive accent. Prior to joining Phantom City, he was the sound engineer and bass player for SF-based Acoustic Son.

Nathen Banne on drums brings years of musical training to his unique percussive style. A classically trained musician, he has played multiple instruments since he was 5. Having performed with various symphonies, music groups and chamber ensembles throughout his youth, Nathen later expanded into various genres of folk and rock. He began his drumming career with several Cajun and R&B groups in the Bay Area. He has also performed with a number of local rock bands, including The Basics and The Wheelin' Dealers.