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Review by WarriorGirl Music

I popped on this CD today and was instantly taken on a journey. It was like I was driving a cool convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway heading from L.A to Monterey, wind in my face, lost in thought, feeling the sunshine. You see, Steven Andrew Kacsmar took me to another world with his cruisy rhythms and drive-time songs. I was really at home with the cd in the computer, but, wow, his music took me somewhere magical. It's not hard to listen to this cd. It just feels good all the way.

With some James Taylor-esque feel-good melodies and intimate lyrics, "Dreams and Destiny" has a southern twang mixed with a definite Californian rock, that made me smell the Pacific Ocean just listening to him. That's what I would expect from a boy from San Francisco, right? Mind you, his album cover is filled with pictures of him lost somewhere in the mountains. Reminds me of Louisiana. Maybe that's his intention. This touch of nature, though, is fitting. Steven is a romantic at heart, and his voice shows maturity and sensitivity, and is filled with emotion. There are some great harmonies and the musicianship is excellent. I'm somewhat taken back in time, almost to Credence Clearwater Revival or the Crosby, Stills and Nash days, but there are some rock sensibilities that definitely put it in the new millennium.

"Time" is my favorite in so far as lyrics, metaphors, feel and voice. But itŐs not necessarily the radio song. A more radio friendly song would be "Don't Really Know", placed as Track 1 for obvious reasons, but in my mind this is more generic and heard before. I love Track 6 "It's our World" the most, for mass attack! By far the best radio song on this album and a hit, especially if you want a little southern edge and cruisy vibe. Plus the lyrics are what I feel so many artists miss in their music... Steven makes a contribution to the world in searching to make it a better place. He writes,

" It's our world and life is what you make it
I can't figure out just what we think we're doing
The world is a web of life and we're just about to break it
Wake up can't you smell the coffee brewing"

These are the kinds of lyrics we need in songs rather than just silly old love songs. This has substance!

Also worth crediting are Roberta Donnay's producion skills, which come through big time in the sensitivity of the melodies and use of space throughout the album. Plus the musicians are versatile and authentic. With or without his top-notch cast, Steven Andrew Kacsmar's songs shine. Go take a listen and get your copy today!

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Review by South of Mainstream ( )

You know that song "Travelin' Man" by Ricky Nelson (I'm a travelin' man I've made a lot of stops all over the world)? What appeals to me most about that song isn't him talking about his 'China doll down in old Hong Kong' but rather, the predominant honesty throughout the song. I found the same honesty in Dreams & Destiny by Steven Andrew Kacsmar.

Kacsmar's music is best described as a variety of folk. Some songs sound a bit country, while others sound smooth and soulful. At times it reminded me of a mixture of James Taylor and Willie Nelson. Kacsmar's voice is great for this style of music; it carries a twang as well as a soulful sound, and is also sophisticated. Something about his voice brings an intense honesty to all the songs (as I alluded to above). I don't know exactly what it is that causes it to have such an honest appeal, but it makes me feel like he is baring his heart in his songs. Like he is sitting in an old bar, relating his life story to everyone, and they all understand and take part in it. I believe that this honest expression is Kacsmar's best asset. The album carries good musical styling as well as interesting guitar solos and even some piano at times. Everything is perfectly subtle, nothing over the top, nothing overdone. The nine tracks composing the disk were a good listen.

Steven Andrew Kacsmar is a talented artist and these talents were well presented in Dreams & Destiny... I believe that if Kacsmar really challenged himself, he could create some astounding lyrics, and this will add so much more to his astounding music.

Other News

Two of my songs, ("Don't Really Know" and "Time-Through the Years"), from my CD "Dreams and Destiny" were chosen for airplay on DJ Lord Litter's "Outlaw for Peace" radio show.

"Don't Really Know" was also selected for The Lord Litter Show on Cyberstorm Radio.

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